Mar 28, 2023

New hope for Christian couple after serious accident

His conversion to the Christian faith led to Ram Chaudhary being disowned by his extended family. Then came a traffic accident in the spring of 2021, and a time of great financial difficulty for Ram and his wife. CSI’s partners in Nepal enabled Ram to open a bicycle repair shop, giving the couple new hope.

Ram outside his bicycle workshop

Ram Chaudhary comes from Dhangadhi, a town in the far west of Nepal. His life as a young man was characterized by alcohol and drug abuse. Quarrels in the family were almost part of the daily routine.

Conversion with consequences

His life changed radically after friends introduced Ram to the Christian faith: “They told me that in Jesus Christ there is peace, joy and healing.” Ram embraced the Christian faith and attended church services regularly from then on. He felt a deep peace in his heart.

Nonetheless, the change of religion had consequences for the former Hindu. “I told my family that without Jesus there is no peace and no healing.” From that moment on, Ram was harassed by his family and eventually outright disowned.

For the young Christian, this was a very painful experience. But he remained true to his faith, married a Christian woman and started a family. The father of three children worked hard in construction for years. Although he was employed as a day laborer, he earned a regular income and could provide for his family.

Collision with a tractor

An accident plunged the young family into a financial crisis in the spring of 2021. The couple was traveling in a car when they collided with a tractor. While Ram broke his hand, his wife suffered severe head injuries.

“She had to be admitted to the intensive care unit of Dhangadhi hospital and was subsequently transferred to a hospital in Kathmandu for further treatment.” For two months, Ram’s wife was treated in Nepal’s capital.

The severe consequences of the accident are still felt by both of them today. Ram’s wife can scarcely cope with with even light physical exertion due to her head injury. Ram himself is so weakened that he had to give up his job as a construction worker.

Thanks to the financial support of the local CSI partners, Ram was recently able to open a bicycle repair shop. He is extremely grateful for this. He now hopes that additional orders will enable him to expand the workshop and the extra income will be enough to support his family.

Ram’s faith remains strong. He says, “God will be merciful to us and help us find our way out of poverty.”

Reto Baliarda

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